Service Provider takes responsibility for the shipment delivered to the virtual address of the customer at the time it takes it from the courier, mail or if the consignment was personally delivered to the consignor.

The service provider ceases to be responsible for the shipment at the time when she will deliver it to her courier or post office.
Each shipment that is in our possession means that it is physically located in our warehouse, is insured against damage and theft, up to the height maximum 100GBP.

The moment we deliver the shipment to the shipper on delivery of the shipment to the consignee, the consignment is insured by the carrier itself. The amount of insurance at the time of shipment to the consignee varies according to specific carriers and its current height is as follows:

Royal Mail - shipments up to GBP 20.
DPD - shipments of up to GBP 50, can be added to the delivery this is 1% with the delivery value.


If the package contains more than one package, the insurance amount will be refers to the entire consignment, that is, not to each one package separately.

The insured sum will be divided equally into all the packages that make up consignment.

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