We strongly recommend you to read our Terms and Conditions thoroughly. By registering on our website and using our services you agree that our Terms and Conditions will constitute a legal agreement under which we will provide our services. All information contained in the Terms and Conditions is binding on both the Service Provider and the Customer. Using of our website is conditioned by the privacy of the Terms and Conditions of our website. We also encourage you to read the Privacy and Cookies document.

We reserve the right to change Terms and Conditions from time to time without prior notice. Any changes will not affect the provision of services that were ordered prior to the entry into force of any changes. If the information differs from those listed on our website, any dispute will be resolved on the basis of the Terms and Conditions placed on our website.




Our primary service is to provide a virtual address. It is the basis for all other services provided.

We provide the virtual address only for the purpose of receiving the shipment and sending it to the customer separately, or by consolidating multiple shipments.

The virtual address can only be used as a delivery address for purchases in English or European e-shops.

Any other use of the virtual address will result in cancellation of the registration and blocking of the customer for further use of our services.

The virtual address can be rented by registration on our website.

The Service Provider agrees to allow the Customer to use the assigned Virtual Address without any time limit unless the Terms of Use or the Terms of Use of our Website are violated.



A service that allows two or more accepted shipments to be connected to one larger shipment. The purpose of this service is to save on postage for shipment forwarding to the recipient.



A service that allows the Customer to request a parcel check before sending it to the recipient.



A service that allows the Customer to request to provide photodocumentation of parcel before shiping to the recipient.



A service that allows a Customer to request a return of the consignment back to the sender.


Using of our services is conditional upon successful registration on our website. After a successful registration, you will receive your virtual address, which you can use immediately. The validity of the virtual address is indefinite. We reserve the right to cancel the registration without refund, in the event of a breach of the Terms and Conditions, violation of the Terms and Conditions of our website, or at our discretion.

The customer can request cancellation of registration by sending a request to our e-mail address.

Registration will be void after all customer's obligations have been paid to the Service Provider.

If the customer decides to cancel his registration and his virtual address contains a parcels that the customer did not request to be sent to him, the ownership of the parcels becomes the property of the Service Provider.




In order to clearly demonstrate that the addressee is our customer or us, the shipment must be marked according to the instructions. Marking is an address that must include the name of our business or the name of the customer.

Each shipment that is received at the customer's virtual address, that is, a shipment that can be identified, will be placed in the customer's account within 24 hours on weekdays. The customer will be informed by automatic email about receipt of the item. We are not responsible for the fact that the customer does not receive an email indicating the receipt of the shipment.

If the mailing address does not contain anything, the shipment may not be received by the courier or mail, as it is unclear whether the shipment belongs to a customer or us. We bear no responsibility for the costs incurred by the insufficiently labeled bill.

When picking up the shipment from the courier, mail, or when the shipper is delivered by ourselves, we do not inspect the shipment for damage. The consignment is received in the state in which it is delivered. If the consignment is visibly damaged at delivery, when the receipt is received (if required), the shipment will be marked as damaged by the shipper and the shipment will also be marked as damaged when the shipment is placed on our computer system.

We are able to accept any shipment exclusively on weekdays from Monday to Friday between 9:00 and 17:30 London time. We are not responsible for any shipments that have been delivered outside of our working hours and for shipments that have not been delivered to our address or were not signed by our employee upon receipt.

If a consignment not originating in the EU country is delivered to the customer's virtual address and this mail is subject to customs clearance, CLO and other charges are charged, the customer undertakes to pay us all the costs associated with the payment of these charges.

We are able to take over exclusively shipments that have been paid in advance by the customer, so we are unable to accept any shipment whose takeover is conditional upon payment of any kind.

We are not responsible for any damages caused by failure to take delivery of the shipment that is required to be repaid.

We do not accept purchases made on installments or any other form of debt.



The customer is responsible for all shipments delivered to his virtual address and will be uniquely identified as belonging to him, regardless of whether the delivery of the shipment was initiated by the customer or by another person.


The Customer agrees to send to a virtual address only shipments that meet the following conditions: The shipment or items in the shipment are not dangerous to the public, our employees or other customers.

Items in the consignment are suitable for air transport and therefore comply with ICAO requirements - International Civil Aviation Organization.


The items in the consignment are not covered by the import ban in the country of delivery.

Maximum dimensions of the shipment do not exceed 60x60x60 cm. If the shipment required exceeds the size, the cost of sending this shipment will be calculated separately.

List of items that can not be sent to the virtual address of the customer:

- any item containing gasoline, oil, liquid, gas or smoke

- biological samples

- Chemicals

- cigarettes and tobacco

- precious metals and stones

- colors

- oils

- extinguishers

- infectious agents

- controlled drugs and narcotics

- liquid

- nail polish - does not apply to Dolphi Transport

- Human remains

- Meat and other meat-containing products

- Weapons

- goods marked as dangerous by the ICAO marking

- Knives, swords, or anything with a blade longer than 3.5cm

- obscene publications

- passports and other travel documents

- Pesticides

- sofas, sofas

- postage stamps and other valuables

- used alkaline batteries, NiCd, NiMH

- radioactive material

- fragile items




All shipments on which the address is mentioned but does not contain all the necessary data to identify the owner, in particular the name of the customer, is considered as an unidentifiable shipment if it is not possible to clearly identify the shipper.

If we receive an unidentifiable shipment, this shipment will be opened by our staff and an attempt will be made to identify the content of the shipment, especially according to the delivery note or invoice, if included in the shipment.

If even after the opening of the consignment the owner can not be clearly identified, a photographic documentation of the consignment will be made and the customer will be asked to provide information that clearly identifies him / her as the owner of the required consignment. Upon receipt of the information on an unidentified shipment to which the customer claims, the service provider will compare this information with those available in the consignment and, if it considers that the customer has made his claim legitimate, the shipment will be entered into the customer's virtual address.

The Customer agrees that if the Service Provider decides not to assign an unidentifiable consignment to the Customer on the grounds that the supplied information will not be sufficient to identify the owner, this decision is ultimately and the customer loses the right to re-claim the unidentified consignment.

The Customer agrees that no legal claim arises on the consignment deemed to be unidentifiable.



The Service Provider reserves the right to open the Shipment in the following cases:

- If it is not possible to identify the consignment and it is assumed that the consignment contains documents leading to the identification of the consignment.

- If the provider suspects that the consignment may contain prohibited items.

- Consolidation of the consignment.

- When requesting the Shipment Check service.

- When requesting the Shipment Photograph service.


Every single shipment received at a virtual address can be stored free of charge for one year from the date the shipment is placed on our system.

Before one year, each customer will be notified of the end of this storage by email.

We are not responsible for not receiving a warning email. It is the customer's safety to ensure the end of the free storage period or its end.

If the customer does not request sending the shipment to the recipient by the end of the one-year storage period, this consignment will be deemed non-interest, and the ownership of the shipment passes to the Service Provider.

With the consignment, the ownership of which has become the property of the Service Provider, the Provider will handle the service at its sole discretion.



The customer requests a consolidation.

Consolidation of shipments will be performed by service provider if:

Customer requests at least two shipments.

Packages can be packed into one of the standard carton boxes that are listed in the pricelist.

The service provider performs consignment consolidation by removing external packaging material from consolidated consignments if it helps to change the volume / dimension of the shipment and will not have negative after shipment / shipment items protection. Put all of these shipments in one of the standardized boxes.

The service provider undertakes to consolidate consignments in such a way that the shipment can be dispatched in as few boxes as possible, but at the same time that the security of delivery of the consolidated consignment to the recipient due to insufficient packaging is not jeopardized.

Consolidated shipment can have a maximum of 30kg.



The customer enters a request to send the shipment by e-mail.

Service Provider sends the requested shipments exclusively to the registered customer and only to the country specified at the time of registration, without exception.

All shipments will be sent strictly after the shipping charges have been settled.



When delivering shipments from a customer's virtual address to the recipient, the Provider cooperates with the following companies:


Royal Mail - one shipment up to 2kg and a total of all pages not exceeding 90cm.

No dimension may exceed 60 cm.

Shipments are dispatched each working day.


DPD - shipments up to 30kg, dispatched every working day with the possibility of tracking the shipment.


UK mail - shipments of up to 25kg, dispatched every working day with the possibility of tracking the shipment.


The postage is calculated according to the current price list.

The customer undertakes to verify the amount of postage before ordering the service.

Each shipment can be tracked if it is provided by the carrier.




Payment for our services can be paid as follows:

PayPal payment system in GBP.

By transferring to a bank account held in the UK.




The Provider is responsible for losing the shipment, damage to the shipment and theft of the shipment if the shipment is in the possession of the service provider, that is, physically located in our warehouse.

The service provider assumes no responsibility for the shipment that was lost, damaged or stolen on the way between the sender and the customer's virtual address.

The Service Provider assumes no responsibility for the consignment that was lost, damaged or stolen between the delivery of the shipment to the carrier and the delivery of the shipment to the recipient.

The Provider assumes no liability for lost profits and for damage caused by erroneous or delayed service.

The Post-Holder does not bear any responsibility for any damages incurred:

Insufficient marking of the consignment, notably by not marking the shipment with special precautions such as Fragile, Caution glass, Carefully, This side up, etc.

Shipment designation incomplete address.

Delivering the shipment off the Service Provider's working time.

Delivering to a non-address, or virtual customer address, respectively.

If our employee does not take delivery.

If the shipment is damaged and this damage could not be detected with the naked eye when checking the shipment.

Purchasing a product that is not intended or approved for use in your country.

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